About MedRehab Group

If you have never been to a MedRehab Group physiotherapy clinic before, envision a local clinic with a friendly, knowledgeable staff members awaiting your arrival to assist you in your recovery, while creating an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

Since 1996, MedRehab Group has been providing the highest quality care through our fully equipped multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinics serving local communities across southern Ontario. Each of our clinics are established with modern technologies to help clients reach their physical needs.

Certified therapists from MedRehab are highly trained and regularly attend courses to upgrade their comprehensive skills. With years of experience, they attend regular sessions to upgrade their initial skills and become updated with modern technologies. The therapists also attend many conventions and information sessions to gather new knowledge about the practice that they can enhance and apply within MedRehab.

With MedRehab Physiotherapy clinics you can expect a highly professional, caring, and attentive approach. Our focus is to get you back to wellness as soon as possible while feeling positive about your experience with us. We also provide open communication, timely reporting, and documentation with your referring physician. Rest assured, we will always keep you and your doctor advised about how treatment is progressing.

MedRehab Group welcomes and encourages patients with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for patients wanting to attend our clinics and also for candidates interested in applying for a career.

Our Mission

MedRehab Group’s certified therapists offer the highest quality patient experience by providing safe, effective, and pain-free solutions that are focused on quick recovery.

Frank Giambagno – President.