post-operative physiotherapy
Posted by | January 17 | 2019

Rehabilitation: The Importance of Post-Operative Physiotherapy (Part 2...

Post-operative physiotherapy is vital to the healing process after surgery. The stretches and strengthening exercises involved can help regain control, balance, and range of motion; it also allows the medical professional to regularly… Read More

Posted by | January 7 | 2019

Prehabilitation: The Importance of Pre-Operative Physiotherapy (Part 1...

It’s common for patients to seek rehabilitation therapy after a surgery to help them recover and regain mobility, but few people consider prehabilitation. It’s becoming more and more common for doctors to recommend… Read More


Custom Foot Orthotics
Posted by | November 12 | 2018

Eight Ways Custom Foot Orthotics Can Help Relieve Knee Pain

Even if your feet don’t hurt, they may be causing other aches and pains in your body, such as your hips, back, and knees. Knee pain can be debilitating and frustrating and people… Read More

post-operative physiotherapy
Posted by | November 2 | 2018

Five Common Car Accident Injuries That Can Be Treated with Physiothera...

Rehabilitation is one of the most effective solutions for injuries and conditions caused by motor vehicle accidents. In fact, getting physiotherapy after a car accident is a crucial step towards healing, whether you… Read More