Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

A personal injury from auto accident trauma is common but can be severe.

An auto injury may result in lost work time, and cause difficulties in dealing with day-to-day responsibilities. After you’ve been injured in a crash, it’s vital to get physiotherapy as quickly as possible.

Many times, the effects of an auto injury are delayed or subtle. Seek medical advice as quickly as possible to ensure you are adequately treated and protected for the future. Our reputation has been built on successfully returning thousands of auto injury patients back to pre-accident function. Our physiotherapists work to expedite your recovery through a closely monitored program that is optimal for you.

Get Started with MedRehab Group

1. Report Your Auto Injury to your auto insurer.

2. Book an appointment with a MedRehab Group physiotherapy clinic for an initial consultation, discuss therapy options, begin treatment, and feel better.