Our Patients share their memorable service moments with us.

It is easy for everyone to complain when something it’s not as it should be, but not always we take the time to say “Thank You”….  I have asked for your email so I can personally tell you what a great group of professionals you have at the Pickering location and to thank you for that!  I am on sick leave for some time now, and I have seen many medical offices, seeing many doctors and therapists and Pickering MedRehab Group is one of cleanest, most prompt in services and with the greatest team!

Luminita T.

I just wanted to say that after 3 months of treatment I feel much better. I can now function almost like a normal person again compared to when I started. They did not let me off the hook. They gave me a program and made sure I followed it, which allowed me to return to work. This is exactly what I needed…tough love. Thanks MedRehab.

Allen M.

I had never been sick a day in my life. But recently, my entire way of life changed drastically after being involved in a car accident. Not feeling well has been an overwhelming experience for me at times, there are days that I feel I am on a roller coaster ride sometimes I am up and sometimes I am down, however, I continuously look forward to my rehab sessions, because I know I am on the road to recovery. MedRehab’s optimistic attitude and calming personalities has given me great peace of mind. Thank you.

Anna S.

I am so happy with all the treatment I have been getting at MedRehab Group. The people are so nice and friendly. They really helped me a lot. The therapists take their time with me and treat me with so much respect. Everybody here is always smiling.

Annina C.

There were days I could not move. The pain in my left shoulder was the worst pain I had ever felt. When I came to MedRehab Group, I started noticing right away how the treatment was working. They are friendly and very helpful. Thank God I did not give up. MedRehab was the answer I was looking for.

Belinda R.

Physically down… MedRehab lifted me up – literally! Through their guidance, patience, persistence, and praise – I regained my strength back. I feel physically stronger today then I ever have. I’m on a new road to a healthier me! I absolutely recommend rehabilitation at MedRehab.

Christine B.