German New Medicine

What is GNM?

GNM (German New Medicine) is a revolutionary perspective of health and disease that was discovered by Dr. R. G. Hamer, a German Medical Doctor, in the early 1980s. Dr. Hamer was able to identify a very specific correlation between our physical symptoms, our brain and unexpected emotional distress in our lives, also known as “conflict shocks”. His scientific research has provided us with a “map” that can help identify what symptoms and organs are controlled from what areas of the brain and also what type of “conflict shock” we experienced. GNM helps us to understand the cause, the development and the natural healing of diseases based on what Dr. Hamer has named the Five Biological Laws of Nature. The Five Biological Laws are the foundational principles of this new health perspective. GNM provides us a new understanding of “diseases” as Significant Biological Special Programs built into all organisms, in order to assist us in dealing with unexpected, emotionally distressing situations.

How does GNM work?

When we experience a “conflict shock” (i.e. an unexpected and distressing event, phone call, email, comment, criticism etc.), an “impact” (also known as a Hamer Focus), will instantly appear somewhere in the brain, that is visible on a CT scan as a set of sharp concentric rings. The area of the brain affected by this “impact” (Hamer Focus) will initiate physiological changes in a specific organ of the body controlled from that particular area of the brain. These organ changes are what manifests as our physical symptoms (i.e. joint pain, skin rash, diarrhea, etc.). Our ability to identify and resolve the original “conflict shock”, will signal the brain to stop the physiological changes on the organ level, often leading to symptom relief.

The practice of GNM involves an intimate collaboration between the practitioner and patient. Asking the right questions to identify the original “conflict shock” and knowing what phase of the Biological Program the patient is in, is important for the GNM practitioner. Learning and understanding the Five Biological Laws, and implementing strategies to resolve the original conflict, is vital in minimizing the patient’s fears around their symptoms, and in helping them regain control over their health.

“With the knowledge of GNM, we can now look at our symptoms as an opportunity to get a glimpse of what we have to work on emotionally in our lives in order for us to grow spiritually, so we can gain relief physically”.
– Dr. Alvin De Leon