Posted by | July 17 | 2018

Break Up With Your Back Pain – Without the Use of Medication

Often individuals excuse the severity of their back pain because they believe it will ‘go away on its own’. Simply put, muscle creams and painkillers are just band-aids placed upon a bigger problem… Read More

Posted by | July 16 | 2018

Massage Therapy – The Way to Optimal Health

When people think of massage therapy they tend to picture a spa, miles from the city with dim lights and the strong smell of eucalyptus in the air. However, massage therapy is becoming… Read More


Posted by | July 13 | 2018

Blowing the Whistle on Soccer Injuries

Whether you play for the big leagues or just for a fun family match, soccer might make an appearance in your life this summer. Regardless of the level of expertise, everyone is susceptible… Read More

Posted by | July 12 | 2018

Physiotherapy – The Key to Car Accident Recovery

After suffering through a car accident, you might feel as though you have a different body. You may experience aches, pains or other symptoms in places that you haven’t before and while painkillers… Read More