Posted by | March 21 | 2017

15 Reasons that set MedRehab Group apart

Happy Staff

If you have never been to a MedRehab Group Physiotherapy clinic before, here are the top 15 reasons that set us apart:

  1. Greets you in a warm and friendly manner
  2. Treats you with dignity and respect
  3. Listens to your requests and satisfy your clinical needs
  4. Respects your privacy and confidentiality
  5. Serves you in a timely manner because your time is valuable
  6. Services are as affordable as possible with promotions all year round
  7. Rewards you for referring family and friends
  8. Contacts your insurance to find out what you are entitled for
  9. Bills directly to your insurance when possible and assists with paper work
  10. Explains step-by-step what is necessary for your treatment to be successful
  11. Gives you home exercises to help you to recover quicker
  12. Maintains tools, equipment, and knowledge for best outcomes
  13. Ensures you get the quality of treatment you expect
  14. Fixes your ailing problems with professionalism
  15. Is accountable for your happiness and success with your treatment

Don’t take our word for it, experience it for yourself by booking your next treatment with us!


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