Posted by | September 20 | 2017

5 back pain treatments to alleviate your discomfort

Whether you’re sitting down at a desk or walking around on your feet, chances are your back is taking the brunt of the work throughout your day. From lower back pain caused by incorrect posture or even poorly supported shoes that can affect your alignment, back pain treatments can help alleviate your discomfort, prevent future pain and injury and even strengthen your back and core to help give you a pain free life. Physiotherapy treatments can help alleviate your discomfort, prevent future injury and even strengthen your back and core to help give you a pain free life.

Here are 5 ways you can begin to heal your back:

Physiotherapy can treat your lower back pain in three standard ways. Manual therapy involves techniques that relieve stiffness and improve your quality of movement by targeting joints and muscles. Active exercises also integrate the use of movement and core strengthening exercises to help target back pain and rectify any poor posture that could be causing your discomfort. Electrical modalities assist with pain relief, increased movement and increased strength, on your way to complete recovery.

Chiropractic care services include manual manipulation of the spine to help alleviate pain and rectify any damage that has been done to the spine. An adjustment involves sudden movements that manipulate the joints on the spine to help range and quality of movement. Adjustments help to realign any skeletal damage and help to prevent future pain and injury.

Massage Therapy
When your muscle pain is ongoing, massage therapy is a great treatment to ease minor discomforts or add to an integrative program alongside chiropractic and physiotherapy. In regards to back pain specifically, a deep tissue or Swedish massage is effective in relieving pain as well as prevent stiffness and tension.

Check Your Posture
Posture plays a big part in preventing back pain. Keeping your neck aligned with your spine is an essential part of proper posture, especially with today’s technology constantly begging us to lean forward or downwards. Phones and computer make posture much more difficult so being aware of, not just your neck, but keeping your shoulders back, lower back supported and your upper back comfortably straightened.

Get Moving

Relaxing a sore back may be doing more harm than good. It could be tempting to lie down and sit to help ease back pain for extended periods of time, but this sedentary position could actually increase your pain and create new stiffness and tension. By participating in mild consistent activity and keeping your muscles active, not only can avoid pain but you can also help to alleviate your current discomfort.

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