Posted by | May 23 | 2018

Preventing Injury While Gardening

With summer well on its way, now is an excellent time to start putting your green thumb to use. Gardens in full bloom can be so beautiful to look at we often forget the hazards that can come with preparing them. In today’s blog, MedRehab Group has four tips to help ensure you have a safe and successful gardening season.

  1. Securely store your tools. Whether tools are kept in a shed or a garage, the way they are organized can be a minor or major threat to one’s safety. Bins, drawers, hooks, and closets are all great ways to avoid mindless accidents which could have lasting impacts on one’s health.
  2. Think outside the box. Instead of thinking solely about what is happening inside the garden, think about what might happen outside the garden and how you can avoid injuries with preparedness. Use containers to carry supplies to the garden and other devices which could relieve stress off the body whenever possible.
  3. When in doubt, use a tool. Whenever a gardening motion becomes awkward or strenuous, think about a tool that could enhance the execution for you. Although bigger tools are helpful, sometimes something as small as gloves with a stronger grip can enable you to tackle your tasks with ease.
  4. Using the most important tool, your body. Making sure that your body is strong and agile is one way to ensure you will be ready to avoid and/or recover from injury. Visiting a physiotherapy clinic like MedRehab is a great way to correct your current injuries while also developing a stronger body for the prevention of new injuries.

Interested in learning about injury prevention or want to start building your stronger body? At MedRehab Group you are sure to find a physiotherapist who is passionate about guiding you to a better version of yourself. With services like acupuncture, shockwave therapy, custom orthotics and massage therapy, MedRehab Group is your one-stop shop for a healthier future. Call us today or check out our website  for more information on our services and programs.


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