Posted by | January 31 | 2018

Why you should see a Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic doctors have been around for years, yet there still seems to be some confusion about their role in the healthcare system and the services they provide. Here, we break down the top 5 reasons you should see a naturopath.

  1. Root Cause of Pain: Naturopaths care about a variety of things. They’ll ask a variety of questions that seems unrelated to the main issue with which you came in with, however, they ask all these questions with the purpose of getting to the root cause of the pain that you are feeling. They don’t want to get rid of the pain temporarily. They want to get rid of it for good.
  1. Forget about 5 Minute Appointments: Have you ever gone to your healthcare professional, waited an hour to see them and only spent five minutes in the examination room to ultimately have a temporary solution applied to your problem? With a naturopath these time constraints are gone. Going in to see a naturopath for the first time? Block off at least an hour of your time. Your naturopath will want to learn everything about you in order to establish and diagnose exactly what is causing the pain you are feeling.
  2. Education: Healing is about empowerment and empowerment can only happen with education. Naturopaths take the time to educate their patients to give them the tools to be able to take the best care of themselves at all times.
  1. Healing and Prevention: Not only do naturopaths focus on the healing, they also focus on the prevention of disease. Naturopaths educate patients on how to make better choices in order to avoid and prevent illnesses. This comes down to the food that we eat, the activities we perform and the steps we are taking that can actually cause us illness in the long run.
  1. Training: Naturopaths are highly educated individuals who undergo intense training and licencing in order to practise. Their education allows them to be able to perform testing in order to accurately be able to diagnose and care for your illness.

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