Posted by | January 17 | 2018

Tips to Staying Active in the Winter

There is no doubt that winter can get you down. It’s cold, it’s wet and can be slippery. However, the winter can bring many opportunities to get out and get active. Check out our top tips to staying active in the winter.

  1. Skating! Skating can be one of the most popular and cardio-driven exercises you can do in the winter. And with so many outdoor rinks available in the city, this fun winter exercise is virtually free. Take advantage of the plenty of resources available and get moving!
  1. Take a trek down a mountain! Aside from skating, there are also two other cardio driven activities that get your heart rate up and get you moving: snowboarding and skiing! Head for the hills this winter and have fun getting a workout in.
  2. Go for a run! There is no doubt that extra precautions need to be taken when running out in the cold. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your running in. Layer up and be cautious of the icy conditions. With that being said, overexertion can happen, which can lead to injuries.
  3. Go for a walk! With the gorgeous snow-filled hills and trees, it is simply a beautiful sight. Bundle up the family and go on a gorgeous wintery tour of your area. Check out the beautiful holiday décor and enjoy the frosty moments with each other.
  1. Shovelling! I know. It doesn’t seem like an exercise, but it is. The best part? You get your house work down while you are also getting your exercise in. Always make sure you are using the proper footwear in order to avoid slips and falls. Also, keep comfortable with proper insoles and inserts. With a variety of foot care products and custom orthotics in Vaughan, we can help you stay comfortable and stay safe. Contact MedRehab Group today to get measured for your custom-made orthotics.

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