Posted by | September 20 | 2017

5 back pain treatments to alleviate your discomfort

Whether you’re sitting down at a desk or walking around on your feet, chances are your back is taking the brunt of the work throughout your day. From lower back pain caused by… Read More

Acupuncture in Toronto
Posted by | June 20 | 2017

The Benefits of Acupuncture in Toronto for Your Health

Every hour, 427 Canadians suffer some kind of injury, either at home, on the job, or doing other daily activities. That leads to over a million hospital visits a year in greater Ontario alone. Many injured… Read More


Happy Staff
Posted by | March 21 | 2017

15 Reasons that set MedRehab Group apart

If you have never been to a MedRehab Group Physiotherapy clinic before, here are the top 15 reasons that set us apart: Greets you in a warm and friendly manner Treats you with dignity and respect… Read More

Osteopathy treatment
Posted by | February 17 | 2017

5 Ways Osteopathy Treatment is Changing Lives

Back pain, joint aches, headaches, and migraines: life can be painful. If you experience any of these conditions, you know how difficult it is to be physically active. Your quality of life suffers as… Read More