Posted by | February 18 | 2020

Back Pain on an Airplane? Quick Tips to Alleviate the Pain

Whether you’re travelling for a work conference or a vacation, sitting for hours on a plane isn’t something anyone looks forward to. The small seats, cramped space, and the length of sitting time… Read More

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Posted by | May 6 | 2019

5 Ways a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Is the Key to Overall Health

The lymphatic system is made of several tiny vessels, similar to the circulatory system, which drains lymph fluid (a clear fluid consisting of infection-fighting white blood cells) throughout the body. It’s primary role is to… Read More


Posted by | April 29 | 2019

How Chiropractic Care Can Reverse the Effects of Poor Posture

Good posture is more than just a practiced habit—it shows fitness of the muscles of the body that support the spine and skeleton so that they are stable and in proper alignment. The… Read More

Posted by | May 24 | 2018

5 Best Exercises During Pregnancy

When pregnant, women have a lot of information thrown at them about health for themselves and their baby. The majority of these advice tidbits revolve around fitness which is what this blog works… Read More