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5 Ways a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Is the Key to Overall Health

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system is made of several tiny vessels, similar to the circulatory system, which drains lymph fluid (a clear fluid consisting of infection-fighting white blood cells) throughout the body. It’s primary role is to rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. Although the lymphatic system functions without us thinking about it, there are conscious things we do that can affect how well it operates. Poor diet, lack of exercise, pollutants, surgery, trauma, and even pregnancy can affect this system. To encourage the body to work as it should, lymphatic drainage massage therapy can help.

How Does a Lymphatic Drainage Massage Work?

A lymphatic drainage massage is designed to increase the efficiency of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. By massaging certain areas of the body, the volume of retained fluid and pressure is reduced, which can lower the risk of circulation interruptions. With regular appointments, lymphatic drainage treatment can increase the body’s ability to filter out retained fluids and toxic waste buildups. After treatment, some patients say they feel more energetic and awake. Since a third of all breast cancer patients develop lymphoedema (chronic swelling in the tissues) this form of massage is very beneficial. Here are some of the additional benefits of a lymphatic massage.

Benefits of a Lymphatic Massage

1. Detox

After dealing with high levels of stress, the body can benefit from the relaxation of a lymphatic massage. It reduces the sluggishness brought on by inactivity, poor eating, and stress.

2. Boosts Healing/Recovery

Injury and surgery can lead to swelling and soreness that lasts for a few days or even a few weeks. A lymphatic massage is gentle enough to drain the fluid in the tissue, reduce inflammation, and improve healing.

3. Post-Pregnancy

Many women experience fluid retention in their legs and feet after pregnancy. A lymphatic massage can help improve their comfort and can also help treat problems with sore breasts or blocked ducts during breastfeeding.

4. Skincare

Since a lymphatic massage helps the body drain toxins and fluids, it can create a clearer complexion and reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines or wrinkles. Many people who undergo cosmetic surgery will seek this treatment to reduce inflammation.

5. Headaches

Most headaches are brought on by a component of congestion, which can be relieved with a lymphatic massage. It reduces the blockage of fluid and blood flow to relieve discomfort and pain.

Book a Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Vaughan

Many people who seek a lymphatic massage notice significant improvements in how they feel and in their general wellbeing. To improve healing after surgery, reduce stress, treat a chronic inflammatory condition, or to detox your body, you can get a lymphatic drainage massage in Vaughan. At MedRehab Group, we will work with you to treat your chronic pain, physical health conditions, and injuries. We serve clients in Brampton, Georgetown, Hamilton, Toronto, Richmond Hill/Maple, Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Pickering. We strive to do our best to meet our clients’ expectations. Contact us at 1-888-409-4058 to book your first consultation and treatment.

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