Posted by | October 16 | 2017

Preventing Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are more common than one thinks. One of the most common reason that sports injuries occurs is due to failure to be properly warmed up prior to beginning physical activity. With that being said, there are many things that can be done in order to prevent sports injuries. Below are our top 3 must dos in order to remain on the path of health and wellness.

  1. Warm Up: As mentioned before, the number one reason that sports injuries happen is because of insufficient warm up time prior to the commencement of physical activity. A proper warm up session should last at least 5-10 minutes and include warm ups such as stretching and exercising muscles to prepare them for the physical activity ahead.


  1. Proper Technique: It is important that while your body is working on the physical activity which the sport requires that you are using proper technique and form throughout the sporting game. Workouts are necessary in order to ensure success on the field with various sports, therefore proper technique even in workout is extremely important as well.


  1. Proper Protective Equipment: It is still surprising to hear about the day that catchers and goalies weren’t wearing proper equipment to protect their body from the fast paced game that is played. However, times have changed and so has the evolution of sports equipment. Face masks are now available to protect your body from ball/pucks to the face. Proper footwear is now available to participate in certain sports, which allows those proper shoes to offer support to the foot and ankle, thus preventing an injury.


While it is extremely important to practise preventative steps in order to avoid sports injuries, the fact of the matter is that injuries can happen at any time, without any sign. Therefore, it is very important that if an injury occurs that you take the proper steps to rehabilitate yourself to avoid further wears, tears  remove injuries. Custom orthotics, back pain treatment & chiropractic care services are just some of the treatments available to you in case of injury. Massage therapy clinics are also available in order to commence your rehabilitation process. For all you physiotherapy needs, check out the best physiotherapy clinic in Toronto change to Richmond hill/Vaughan, MedRehab.


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