Posted by | February 27 | 2018

6 Tips to Finding the Best Physiotherapist near me

Finding the right physiotherapist can be a difficult and intimidating process but it doesn’t have to be. MedRehab has six tips on how to find the best physiotherapist near you:

1. Look for Qualifications. When receiving treatment, you want to make sure it’s coming from someone who knows what they are doing. A registered physiotherapist should have a university degree in physiotherapy, a certificate of examination from the CAPR, and a registration with their provincial college of physiotherapists, with good standing. If you’re not sure if the clinic has these qualifications, just ask!

2. Customer service. A good clinic will take extra steps to ensure your time and money are well spent at their clinic. A few signs of great customer service include appointment flexibility, effective office hours, and direct billing to your insurer.

3. Responsiveness. A well-run clinic will allot an appropriate amount of time for everyone. One way to check if a clinic is consistent with their responsivity is by sending them an email or checking their reviews. If a response takes too long or unhappy customers never receive answers to their reviews, it can be a sign of the clinic’s values or attentiveness to customers.

4. Comfortable match. Although a physiotherapist may have all the qualifications and may say all the right things, they may not necessarily be the perfect match. You can figure this out by simply requesting another practitioner. A good clinic will offer them without any obligation and this way you can see if you truly enjoy being treated by that physiotherapist.

5. Environment. Going to a clinic and seeing it in person can really influence your decision to get treated there. If you are someone who needs privacy or wants an open experience, consider the clinic’s environment when evaluating the space and the practitioners who work there.

6. Ask about their ‘Model of Care’. A model of care is simply the way a clinic or physical therapist schedules and executes their action plan with a client. Ideally, you are spending in hopes of receiving the appropriate attention from your physiotherapists. If a clinic provides you with a variety of practitioners in their clinic, don’t be afraid to ask why or ask them to modify their model of care for you.

MedRehab Group is a chain of physiotherapy clinics which offer a multitude of practices such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, shockwave therapy, naturopathy, and orthopedic care. With MedRehab’s physiotherapy clinics, you can expect highly professional, caring, and attentive approaches designed just for you and your health which comply with all the tips listed above. Give us a call today or step into one of our clinics of excellence to see what we can do for you!


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