Posted by | June 28 | 2018

A Physical Therapists Role in Improving Mental Health

According to the dictionary, a physical therapist is “someone who practices therapy on a patient for the preservation, enhancement, or restoration of movement and physical function.” Nonetheless, physiotherapy plays a vital role in health beyond the physical; the right physical therapist can work with their patients to improve their mental health. While physiotherapy is not a substitute for cognitive treatment; today’s blog will be discussing the positive influence a physical therapist can have on mental health.

What many people do not realize is that physiotherapy involves physical activity with professional and educated guidance. It is all about creating plans of action and setting up patients for success. Having scheduled appointments with a physiotherapy clinic or rehabilitation centre holds individuals accountable and encourages them to continue to pursue that physical activity needed to keep their mind healthy. The success and relationship you develop over your treatment with a physical therapist are beyond rewarding which is one way physiotherapy can improve an individual’s mindset. Once healthy decisions are made in the clinic, a chain reaction of health is sure to follow. Working out can lead to improved sleep, better endurance, stress relief, increased energy and the list goes on. The psychological effects of healthier decisions include raising self-esteem, improvement in confidence, promotion of positive body image, and reduction in social isolation.

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