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The Benefits of Acupuncture in Toronto for Your Health

Acupuncture in Toronto

Every hour, 427 Canadians suffer some kind of injury, either at home, on the job, or doing other daily activities. That leads to over a million hospital visits a year in greater Ontario alone.

Many injured Canadians seek out alternative and holistic treatments during their recovery. If you are recovering from an injury yourself, you might consider including acupuncture into your recovery plan.

An ancient Chinese form of physical therapy, acupuncture offers a lot of advantages.

How Acupuncture Works

You might think of needles and pain when you hear the word “acupuncture.” This procedure does involve needles, but instead, it most often relieves pain in one form or another.

Acupuncture involves placing very thin, sterilized needles into the skin at specific points. These points are where nerves, muscles, blood vessels, connective tissues, and other internal body parts can be stimulated.

If you have any fears over acupuncture, rest assured that the procedure is safe and comfortable. All the needles are sterile, one time use, and only dig a tiny bit beneath the surface of the skin.

The Benefits of Acupuncture

There are around 28 conditions the World Health Organization has identified acupuncture can effectively treat. These conditions range from stress and anxiety to specific muscle and ligament injuries.

In short, acupuncture is an effective treatment to include while recovering from many types of injuries.

Those suffering with chronic pain should consider regular acupuncture treatments to offset flair ups or reduce episodes of pain. Acupuncture is also a good treatment option for temporary or chronic pain from physical and sports-related injuries.

For women, acupuncture treatment can help reduce menstrual cramps and may even increase the chance of a successful pregnancy during fertility treatments.

Acupuncture is even a treatment option for those with certain forms of cancer to help treat nausea and vomiting that occur during chemotherapy.

The pain management benefits of acupuncture shouldn’t be ignored if you are recovering from an injury. These benefits can optimize your recovery while helping you heal.

Best of all, we offer a simple and affordable solution for those seeking acupuncture in Toronto.

Acupuncture in Toronto and the MedRehab Advantage

Our acupuncture service is a convenient way to help your insomnia, chronic pain, headaches, and many other ailments. We offer seven locations for acupuncture treatment throughout the Southern Ontario area.

Most appointments last about half an hour, where we will provide a relaxing and stimulating experience.

Our service is also affordable. Most insurance companies cover our clinical treatment services, and we will bill them directly. That means you won’t have any upfront fees to pay during your stay with us.

Most importantly, we care about your experience with us. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will make you feel comfortable before, during, and after your appointment.

Get In Touch

If you are curious for more information or want to book an appointment, feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions.


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