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BodyBreak Blog: The 2014 Sochi Olympic Games will get you Motivated


olympic sochi logoLet the Games Begin. Every 4 years we get a chance to see the best “winter” athletes in the world do their thing. In Canada, we are fortunate enough to have opportunities to learn to skate, play hockey and/or ski which helps us understand why these Olympians love the sport they do. As former Canadian athletes (Hal – baseball & Joanne – track), there is nothing like representing your country, your family and yourself. The training, the challenges and the accomplishments on and off the “field” make it all worth it.

Participating in sports have a lot to offer you:

• More Energy
• Sleep Better
• Reduced Stress
• Weight Lose
• Stronger Heart/Lungs/Other Muscles
• Improved Bone Density
• Increases Self-Esteem/Confidence/Attitude
• Establishes a Social Network/Community Involvement
• Helps you (and your children) learn ways to move forward when things don’t go your way

We believe that there is an athlete in every one. So often we hear from people 30+ who are now avid runners, golfers or kayakers that they hated physical education in school, were always picked last or they were told they just couldn’t do it (especially females.) Getting involved in sports (at any age) gives you a foundation for success in school, in business, and in life. The skills and tools you learn playing individual and/or team sports will also help you to set goals and achieve them.

So as you watch the 2014 Olympics, if there’s a sport that catches your interest such as curling, search the internet for a local curling club and find out what it takes to try it out. Don’t let fear, intimidation or others stop you. And if you’ve wanted to learn to ice skate, local community centers have beginner programs for people of all ages. It could be a perfect way to spend time with your children.

shutterstock_53781019 - curling

Sport4Ontario is an organization dedicated to the promotion of sport and physical activity for people of all ages including persons with a disability. The following link provides you with a list of Provincial sport and multi-sport organizations. There’s everything from bowling to jiu jitsu to ringette.

Recently an article in the Toronto Star caught our eye that brought up a good point – snowshoeing has a long history especially in Canada so why not snowshoe racing in the Olympics? It definitely fits the physical and mental challenge that Olympic events are known for. With all the snow this season, rent or buy snowshoes and give it a try especially if you have found that your regular walks or runs have stopped due to the bad footing on sidewalks or walking paths. Snowshoes are available at Canadian Tire Stores, Walmart and specialty outdoor stores.

shutterstock_26710852 - snowshoeing

There are so many sports to choose from and no real excuse not to participate. Remember, think of yourself as an athlete and know that you are never too old to jump in. Regardless of all the responsibilities you might have, you still need time to play.

Until Next Time, Keep Fit & Have Fun

Hal & Joanne




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