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BodyBreak Blog: After the New Year’s Fitness Resolutions


Welcome to our new blog with MedRehab.  We hope you enjoy our tips for better health and fitness in the months to come.

As we start this 5th week of the New Year, we trust that you are still on track with your New Year’s fitness resolutions.  By far the most typical resolution is to lose weight and unfortunately, chances are most people have already lost their enthusiasm and have gone back to old habits because they either haven’t seen results or it’s too difficult.  By any means, don’t give up, just approach it differently.  Small steps add up and I mean literally they do.

Every new year does seem like a perfect time to make changes but in essence any time to improve your health and fitness is a good time. It’s never too late to start or reboot.  This New Year’s Eve, we decided not to make a resolution instead we made a commitment to get more steps into our day. In turn, more steps equals more activity equals more calories burned.  So if you’d like to get fitter and eat healthier this year, here’s a simple approach.


There’s no way around it.  People tend to think they exercise more than they do and eat less than they actually do.

When it comes to exercise, adults should strive for 9,000 to 11,000 steps a day and 12,000 to 15,000 steps a day for a child.  How do you keep track?  We purchased a Fitbit Force but there are numerous devices like Nike+FuelBand or Jawbone UP on the market that sync with your mobile phone and/or computer.  Fitness Mobile Apps are also available to help you out. The goal should be to see first-hand how many steps you are actually taking each day.  It should also allow you to understand your sleep patterns and permit you to enter your food choices so that you can appreciate where the calories are coming from and where you might need to make slight changes.  Fitness gadgets like the Fitbit are great motivators to keep you on track.



Our experience only confirmed that if you do not exercise, for example, take a brisk walk or spend time on a treadmill or an elliptical, it will be hard to meet your daily step goal.  Therefore, it motivates you to exercise because there’s nothing like the celebration you will get when you are notified that you have reached your daily goal of 10,000 steps. You feel like Rocky after he climbs the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the feeling of success becomes addictive.

Whether you use a calorie counter provided on a Fitbit etc or go to, keeping track of what you eat will definitely teach you why you have found it hard to lose that last 5-10 pounds or why you are gaining weight or what are your poor food choices.  The more you learn, the better you are at making healthy choices throughout your day.

Be more active and eat healthier by taking out all of the guess work and be accountable using a Fitness Tracker or a Fitness Mobile App. When you are proactive, the focus is off of the negative connotations of getting fitter/losing weight and on the positive by just doing it each day.  Over time, you’ll see the results of your efforts.

Until Next Time, Keep Fit & Have Fun

Hal & Joanne




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