Posted by | April 27 | 2018

Breathe In, Breathe Out – A Daily Prescription

It’s the only thing we practice for our entire life. Something we take for granted every second of the day and that you are practicing right now as you read this – breathing. Although it is a mundane task, the practice of breathing can improve one’s overall ability to function and decrease their recovery time. Today’s blog is a thank you the respiratory system and covers the benefits of effective breathing.

The most common method for getting a hold on breath is called pacing. This is technique looks at the intensity of an exercise and compares it to the difficulty level of one’s breathing. If breathing becomes so challenging that someone can’t speak this is where pace breathing comes in. A basic breathing sequence goes like this: breath in through the nose for five, hold for five, and breathe out through the nose for five. Repeat for as long as needed to bring down heart rates.

Although this technique will feel unnatural at first, with practice one can reap a multitude of benefits and this is how. Breathing can reduce stress, increase alertness, and boost the body’s immunity. Frequently practicing breath control can help normalize regular unconscious processes in the body such as heart rate and digestion. This can be particularly beneficial for those with conditions revolving around the autonomic nervous system such as anxiety, attention deficit disorder (ADD), depression, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Practicing these exercises do not have to be a full-blown meditative ceremony. Just by taking ten minutes out of your day to practice or completing a couple sets when you feel imbalanced will have your mind and body saying thank you. Don’t feel comfortable with breathing techniques or need help creating a plan for yourself? Medrehab is a massage therapy clinic that has been providing the highest quality care through our fully equipped multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinics serving local communities. Speak to a physical therapist today and check out other services such as back pain treatment, custom orthotics, acupuncture, and more. Come by Medrehab today!


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