Posted by | August 28 | 2018

Custom Foot Orthotics – Rid Yourself of Foot Pain

Have you ever considered improving your running performance with custom foot orthotics?

Custom orthotics will help maintain alignment and comfort while running and will also assist with your form and technique. This will reduce the onset of fatigue and allow you to enjoy your run. If you are misaligned at the feet and ankles, such as in those who over-pronate, you are not able to maximize efficiency with gait and stride. Custom orthotics can improve your alignment and function to do just that.

If you don’t suffer from any issues with your feet, you can focus your energy on running form and technique. Orthotics with different areas/types of cushioning can improve shock absorption and create level pressure in the feet. Proper weight distribution is a key factor in improving overall comfort. Those who have poor foot mechanics, such as those who over-pronate or under-pronate, might potentially experience an injury. Foot orthotics can help support poor foot mechanics. Seek advice from a physiotherapist to determine if foot orthotics would work to help prevent injury before it happens

If you’ve considered foot orthotics in the past, or are constantly dealing with foot pain, MedRehab Group is confident they can help! MedRehab is a multidisciplinary clinic in the GTA who has fitted thousands of patients with their custom orthotics. Come by one of our clinics today or explore the rest of our site, to see the variety of services we offer.


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