Posted by | June 29 | 2018

How Naturopathy Can Aid Your Weight Loss Journey

Naturopathy is a system of alternative medicine, which maintains the health of individuals through the use of techniques such as the control of diet, exercise, and massage. It aims to solve problems by targeting them at their roots not just by treating surface symptoms. Naturopathic approaches are on the rise as health and wellness continue to trend. One of the most popular approaches is referred to as holistic weight loss, the sustainable way to lose weight. Today, MedRehab Group will describe what holistic weight loss is and how it can be beneficial for you.

Issues with weight are largely the product of two factors: diet and exercise. Where an average workout program would look at ‘problem areas’ or ‘snacking,’ holistic weight loss professionals would look at the root cause of weight gain in your specific body. They would ask questions tailored to your needs so that results would be realistic and wholesome. An example of a question a Naturopath might ask is, what factors – physical, psychological, social – are contributing to your diet and exercise decisions? Holistic weight loss is unique in that it requires some level of independent cognitive exercise, unlike other programs. These exercises can include meditation, psychotherapy, self-monitoring, visualization, tailoring and connecting. Holistic weight loss is all about customization, which is why it is so beneficial. When a patient begins treatment, the healthier decisions they make while working out and eating become natural to them leading to consistent results.


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