Posted by | July 16 | 2018

Massage Therapy – The Way to Optimal Health

When people think of massage therapy they tend to picture a spa, miles from the city with dim lights and the strong smell of eucalyptus in the air. However, massage therapy is becoming less over-the-top and more accessible as a result of its multitude of benefits for the body. Today, MedRehab Group wants to share why massage therapy can promote optimal health for the body on the physical and mental levels.

Massage therapy is commonly referred to as a physical alternative medicine because of its ability to positively impact so many areas of the body. The most acknowledged benefits include reducing stress, relieving pain, and decreasing muscle tension. However, massage therapy can help with so much more. Consistently seeking the help of a massage therapist at a multidisciplinary clinic like MedRehab will aid cognitive conditions such as headaches, insomnia related stress, and anxiety. Studies have shown that those who regularly attend massage therapy have better mental wellness than those who don’t. Of course, there are some scientific reasons why massage therapy aids mental health, but having a better mindset can simply be a result of having some ‘me’ time once or twice a week at a clinic. Additionally, massage therapy is helpful for digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, soft-tissue strains, and sports-related injuries. Massage therapy alongside medicine prescribed by a doctor is an excellent way to bring your body to its optimal health.
Interested in seeing what massage therapy can do for you? Book a consultation with MedRehab Group today! MedRehab is a multidisciplinary clinic with treatments such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, shockwave therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care. With a team full of enthusiastic and knowledgeable physical therapists, MedRehab is sure to bring you to your optimal health in no time. To learn more, check out the rest of our site, or come by one of our locations today!


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