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MedRehab Moments: Richmond Hill and Brampton

February 10, 2014 (Woodbridge, ON) –

At MedRehab Group we always want to share some great moments we have with our patients. Our goal is to always provide the best care and experience possible when a patient comes in for any of our core services. We are especially honoured to have patients who have decided to take the time to share their great experiences with us. Here are some of our more recent MedRehab moments from our Richmond Hill and Brampton Clinics.

MedRehab Physiotherapy Richmond Hill

Dr. Alvin De Leon
Dr. Alvin De Leon and Sharon’s mom pose for a photo.

How many people in this country know of someone almost 95 years of age, who has recovered from severe physical pain?  I imagine that not enough people know that chiropractic and acupuncture treatments definitely serve to heal the human body, no matter the age.  

My mother will be 95 in two months, she has osteoporosis and arthritis.  She also has probably the best doctor I have ever met. When Mom experienced severe leg and back pain a couple of years ago, her doctor took x-rays and an ultrasound and when it was determined that there were no structural issues (ie fractured or broken bones), she ordered acupuncture and chiropractic massage. We had many family members and friends who were negative about this form of treatment.  Personally, I have been the beneficiary of both forms of treatment and so dug in my heels and made appointments.  It took a couple of months before we began to see a change in Mom’s pain reduction and her quality of life.  She fully recovered and she loves her treatment, especially her massages with Dr. DeLeon.  

A few months ago, Mom began having severe pain in her heels and swelling in her legs.  She has been on maintenance appointments with both Dr. Alvin De Leon and her acupuncturist (Andrew) and both of these professionals identified the problem as being due to new shoes that didn’t give her enough arch support and that caused Plantar Fasciitis.  With further massage treatments, acupuncture and new shoes with orthotics, Mom is once again running around like a young woman.  Our family is so grateful!

Thank you Dr. DeLeon!!


MedRehab Brampton Conestoga

A MedRehab Moment Testimonial from Val
A MedRehab Moment Testimonial from Val
MedRehab Brampton thanks for Roy and Sylvia Campbell.
MedRehab Brampton thanks from Roy and Sylvia Campbell.

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