Posted by | July 12 | 2018

Physiotherapy – The Key to Car Accident Recovery

After suffering through a car accident, you might feel as though you have a different body. You may experience aches, pains or other symptoms in places that you haven’t before and while painkillers work, they are a temporary measure. Many people will offer advice on what they believe is helpful but realistically the only person who should answer those questions is a certified physical therapist. Today, MedRehab Group wants to share why physiotherapy is the most effective tool for recovery following a car accident. Let’s get into it.

In a car accident, basic or severe injuries can have several impacts on the body’s integral functions. Some impacts include brain damage, vital organ injuries, bone fractures and ligament tears. As previously mentioned, painkillers prescribed by a doctor are essential to recovery after an accident but they will not provide a speedy recovery like consistent physical therapy can. When working with a physical therapist after an accident, their primary goal is to create a plan for rehabilitation, making sure to get you, the patient closest to the condition you were in prior to the accident. Physical therapists run a series of tests in an effort to design a plan revolving around characteristics such as function, strength, and mobility which is why it is such an effective approach to healing the body. Additionally, they observe less physical characteristics by monitoring a patient’s agility and reflexive abilities. Depending on each individual’s needs, physical therapists will use a variety of modalities to ensure that patient is receiving the attention their body needs to return to its better self. It is best to see a practitioner because, without the proper ratio of rehabilitation to recovery, a series of imbalanced treatment can slow down the healing process.

Have you been injured in an accident and are looking for guidance on what to do next for your body? MedRehab Group is a multidisciplinary clinic, which can help you achieve the goals you wish to attain. With services like acupuncture, shockwave therapy, physiotherapy and massage therapy, MedRehab Group is your one-stop shop for getting your body back. Call us today or check out our website, for more information on our services and programs.


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