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Why You Need to Use Your Employee Health Benefits Now

employee health benefits

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, your employee health benefits are probably the last thing on your mind – but they shouldn’t be! The end of the calendar year is actually one of the best times to ensure you’ve taken full advantage of your benefits.

This article will show you how to make sure you get the most out of your benefits and set yourself up to save in 2017.

Get to Know Your Employee Health Benefits


The most important thing you can do is make sure you understand what benefits your employer provides.

While 67% of Canadians have benefits on top of what’s provided through OHIP, only 13% report really understanding what they are entitled to. Without understanding their benefits, people don’t take full advantage of what’s available.

Talk to Human Resources or whoever else manages employee insurance plans within your organization. They’ll be able to explain your specific plan and entitlements. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Use Your Flexible Benefits


Many employers provide flexible employee health benefits for other healthcare needs that aren’t covered by OHIP. Whether it’s new glasses, physiotherapy or chiropractic care, you likely have an annual maximum entitlement.

This means you can spend up to a certain amount, and it will be entirely covered by your employer. So, say you get a $1,000 annual benefit: you won’t have to pay a thing as long as you remain under the limit.

Make sure you find out what is covered under your health plan before booking any appointments.

So what sorts of things can you use your flexible benefits for?

Stand Tall With Chiropractic Care


You shouldn’t have to put up with back pain, especially not when your employee health benefits can cover the care you need. But did you know chiropractic care can help with asthma, digestion problems, and injury recovery?

Get an initial consultation and adjustment in 2016, and then carry on using your benefits when they reset in the new year.

Custom Orthotics for Comfort


A bad pair of shoes causes more problems than just sore feet. Besides foot problems like corns, they can lead to long-term joint and back pain.

Avoid long term damage with a custom pair of orthotic shoes, designed just for you and your health needs.

Get Pain Free With Physiotherapy


Whether your pain comes from an injury, a chronic condition or just the strains of everyday life, physiotherapy can improve your mobility and reduce pain. A specialist will evaluate your needs and create the treatment plan you need.

Physiotherapy is a pretty common treatment covered in employee health benefit plans, so you shouldn’t have any trouble claiming it through your insurance.

Try Alternative Therapies


Different treatments suit different people. For many, alternative therapies are an integral part of healing from pain.

While these aren’t covered by all employee health benefit plans, it’s worth looking into. You’d be surprised by the variety of what your plan could cover if you just ask!

Keep an Eye Out for Policy Changes


Your employee health benefits policy may change when the new year rolls in. Find out whether your coverage is due to change, and if so if you will lose any benefits.

If so, it may be prudent to get those appointments while they’re still covered by your insurance plan.

Even if you aren’t losing any benefits, it’s a good idea to stay up to date!

Wrapping Up


Find out what benefits you have left for 2016! Make sure you’re getting the most out of what your employer provides. Your body and your wallet will thank you for it.


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