Posted by | January 8 | 2020

Physiotherapy for Dizziness | Vertigo Rehabilitation Treatment

Vertigo is a type of dizziness that may lead to nausea, vomiting, and feelings of unsteadiness. This condition often eases up when lying down but gets worse when sitting up or moving around.… Read More

Posted by | December 24 | 2019

Hot vs. Cold Treatment: Which Works Best for Back Pain Relief?

Both hot and cold therapy are often recommended to treat back pain resulting from sore muscles or joint injuries, but which type is the most effective? Should you apply a cold compress to… Read More


Posted by | December 12 | 2019

8 Myths About Your Back Pain, BUSTED!

Have you been feeling involuntary spasms in your lower back? Are you bothered by a dull throbbing ache in your back? Do you experience shooting pains down your leg? If you answered yes… Read More

Posted by | November 21 | 2019

4 Common Physiotherapy Questions Related to Back Pain Injuries

If you are suffering from back pain caused by injuries, surgery, or your lifestyle, physiotherapy is an effective and long-term solution to relieve your discomfort and increase your mobility and physical strength. Here… Read More