Posted by | July 18 | 2019

How Physiotherapy Can Help with Recovery after a Sports Injury

Do you constantly struggle from muscle strains and aches after exercise? Are you hoping to recover faster after a sports injury? If so, a sports physiotherapist can help you. Rehabilitation for sports injuries… Read More

Posted by | June 27 | 2019

Common Misconceptions about Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

For many people, it’s embarrassing to talk about pelvic health. Because of the lack of conversation surrounding these issues, few are aware of what pelvic health really is. The first thing to know… Read More


Posted by | June 10 | 2019

Benefits of Physiotherapy after Car Accidents

Car accidents range in severity, but even minor injuries from these accidents can lead to long-term pain and immobility. Physiotherapy after car accidents is almost always recommended to prevent injuries from getting worse,… Read More

Posted by | May 30 | 2019

How Physiotherapy Helps ACL Rehabilitation

Athletes and the elderly are the most susceptible to ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries. This ligament is in the knee and is often injured through intense physical activity or weakness in the muscles… Read More