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4 Common Physiotherapy Questions Related to Back Pain Injuries

If you are suffering from back pain caused by injuries, surgery, or your lifestyle, physiotherapy is an effective and long-term solution to relieve your discomfort and increase your mobility and physical strength. Here are four common questions related to back pain injuries and how physiotherapy can help, plus information about the best physiotherapy clinic near you.

Can Physiotherapy Make My Back Pain Worse?

Physiotherapy is designed to treat and relieve painful conditions and provide many other benefits, yet there are some patients who experience pain during their sessions. The good news is that although the initial appointments may be painful as you learn to use those immobile parts of your body again, the pain will decrease with time as the condition heals and as the treatments relax and gradually strengthen your muscles and ligaments.

How Long Should My Physiotherapy Treatments Last?

The length of time you need for physiotherapy depends on the extent of your injury and your diligence to practice the stretches and exercises that are prescribed between sessions. Every condition is different, and each person heals at their own rate, so ending physiotherapy too early can leave you with no relief and little progress from the sessions you had. It is best to continue physiotherapy until you reach your goals or until your physiotherapist and you decide that your condition has healed to a stable point.

How Often Do I Need to Go to a Physiotherapist?

The frequency of time you need to see your physiotherapist depends on the cause of your injury, and whether your condition is chronic or not. Chronic conditions may require weekly physiotherapy sessions throughout the rest of your life for you to be mobile and to manage your pain. For others, physiotherapy exercises can be continued without the therapist after they have properly trained and educated the patient on how to perform the exercises. Your physiotherapist will have all the information you need and inform you on how often you need to see your them for treatments.

Will My Health Insurance Cover Physical Therapy?

In most cases your health insurance plan will cover your physiotherapy sessions, but some companies will only provide coverage for a limited number of sessions or cap the coverage at a dollar amount. If you are without insurance, your physiotherapist may be able to provide you a payment plan. Speak to your physiotherapist to find out what options are available to you.

Seek Physiotherapy for Back Pain at MedRehab Group

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