Asal Kazemi PT

Asal Kazemi, Registered Physiotherapist

Asal holds a bachelor’s degree in Hons Science, focusing on Kinesiology which means studying of human body movement, and a doctorate degree in physiotherapy. Asal has experience working with patients who have various conditions such as back pain, tendonitis, joint pains, arthritis, general weakness/de-conditioning, post-surgical hip/knee/shoulder, sport injuries, etc. I have used different evidence-based techniques such as: Mackenzie techniques, Therapeutic exercises, Core and Pelvis floor muscle strengthening, Manual techniques, PNF, Facilitation and Inhibition techniques, soft tissue release etc. based on presented sign and symptoms. In the past few years, she has been working with clients who have been diagnosed with various conditions whether common or rare, and has focused on overall wellness and health.  Through providing education, exercises and manual therapy eventually Asal helps her patients understand their conditions and get engaged in their treatment process and progress.