Custom Orthotics & Bracing

Custom Orthotics And Bracing

Custom Foot Orthotics

Designed for Daily movement

By definition, any time you combine any two items together to form a new object, it can be considered custom made. This means that a pre-made insole with a new top cover glued into place may be labeled as a “custom made“ device, when in reality it is just a modified pre-existing support.  There is a significant difference between a custom made device and a custom molded one, and without knowing what questions to ask, you may end up with the wrong device!

Custom foot orthotics are shoe inserts prescribed by Doctors, Chiropodists, or Podiatrists to adjust biomechanics. Before prescribing orthotics, the clinician observes how the patient stands, walks and moves around. Based on this gait analysis, the clinician will design the orthotic to help correct the patient’s motion and alleviate any other concerns. Orthotic devices are produced in a lab from a combination of materials designed to perform specific functions such as cushioning, redistributing weight, or improving stability. Once the device is completed, the patient returns to have the orthotic fitted and is educated to how and when they should be worn, as well as an adjustment period.

Orthotics can be made for nearly all types of shoe in everyday life from casual shoes, to work shoes, to dress shoes!

Orthotics can help avoid injuries and allow athletes to push their limits by providing support and ensuring that forces are distributed properly along the foot.

Orthotics and insoles slide easily into a pair of shoes to provide healthy cushioning, comfort and, oftentimes, arch support. They are highly recommended to help alleviate discomfort that stems from common foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, over pronation and sensitivity caused from conditions like diabetes. In addition, doctors often advise individuals with bad knees and ankles to wear an orthotic because these inserts are also made to absorb step by step shock.

Custom Orthotics: Check out custom orthotics if you have been advised to get an orthotic that will mold to the unique contours, curves and shapes of your foot. These custom shoe insoles are especially useful for those with diagnosed foot conditions, athletes and individuals who are constantly on their feet. You won’t find a more personalized fit anywhere else.