Sports Injury


Physiotherapy is crucial when it comes to sports injury recovery.

From ligament sprains to muscle sprains, fractures and dislocations – it is all about treating the injury professionally and being guided in every step of the way.

The common process of physiotherapy as a way to deal with sports injuries focuses on personalized and comprehensive treatment plans as the first and foremost step in the program. There are subsequent treatment visits that are also documented and ones that see that the athlete progresses over time.

The physical therapy treatments may include:

  • Ice pack applications – icing could be immensely helpful in minimizing the swelling and pain caused by the injury and is used by physiotherapists as the starting point when treating an injury.
  • Hot pack applications – if the injury does not come with swelling, using a hot pack that is wrapped in a towel is the common procedure for many physiotherapists – as one that is effective in alleviating pain and joint or muscle stiffness.
  • TENS – also known as Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulator, this small battery-operated device directs little amounts of current into the skin or just over the injury, effective for temporary pain relief.
  • Ultrasound – driving sound vibrations directly into the tissues, this procedure can heat up bulky body areas and help the healing process.
  • Manual Therapy and stretching – both standard techniques in physiotherapy for loosening the muscles or relaxing them while reducing the tissue adhesions and decreasing the swelling.
  • Range of motion – the ROM exercises are helpful for improving and maintaining the joint’s range of motion.
  • Strengthening exercises – weak muscles are the result of inactivity after an injury, and strengthening exercises are a great way to bulk, repair and maintain the strength of your muscles.



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