WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board)


WSIB covered work-related injuries and conditions are commonly treated by physiotherapists.

Claims with WSIB can range from repetitive sprain syndromes, back injuries due to lifting and carrying, falls and more serious injuries.

Our goal is to control pain, control inflammation, rehabilitate your condition with exercise programs and ultimately help you to get back to work safely and equipped with the knowledge to prevent further injuries.

For approved WSIB claims, we submit the appropriate forms and treat patients within their guidelines. The fees associated with these services are directly billed to WSIB.


Get Started with MedRehab Group

1. Report Your Workplace Injury to your employer or HR representative. They will file a claim with WSIB.

2. Book an appointment with a MedRehab Group physiotherapy clinic for an initial consultation, discuss therapy options, begin treatment, and feel better.