Our Patients share their memorable service moments with us.

I was involved in a car accident and I had so much back and neck pain that I couldn’t even sleep at night. Today, I am so glad that my doctor referred me to MedRehab Group. After a day’s work, I go for my treatment because I know I will be getting a good night’s sleep. I feel so much pain relief when I am there and I know it’s because of the exceptional one on one treatment. I do not think I would be able to continue working if I did not come here.

Pina M.

After having been at MedRehab for physiotherapy for a period of time, I underwent surgery on my shoulder. I then decided to return here after my surgery as I was initially very, very pleased with the treatment I was receiving at MedRehab. One comment I’d like to make is how friendly the staff is here. It never seems as though they are simply doing their job. They make a real difference and have real compassion for their clients. It’s a very friendly environment making my time spent here a real joy. My shoulder has been improving and I know that my success is due to the fantastic help I have received here. Thanks!!!

Roger M.

My doctor wanted to refer me to go to a clinic he heard was good. But it was too far for me to travel so I decided to try MedRehab Group. Well, I don’t know how other clinics are but they guys are great. I love coming here. They treat me so well. They handle everything for me. I feel like I get treated with the best care. I told my doctor about them and I think he now refers his other patients to MedRehab Group. Thank you very much!!!

Rosa and Franco P.

I’ve been a patient at MedRehab Group for the past few weeks. I am pleased with the results; my condition was handled in a professional and courteous manner. I would recommend MedRehab Group to my family and friends.

Sheila F.

The chiropractor at MedRehab is # 1! She makes me feel great. Since my car accident, MedRehab managed to help me!

Giuseppina P.